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Arlene Armstrong

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017

Meutzel Plumbing employs competent plumbers who took care of our plumbing needs for years, but not anymore. We called Meutzel for an estimate on installing exterior pipes to drain the water from our downspouts to the street. They sent over a fellow who walked around the property awhile, then said we needed to schedule an appointment with Meutzel’s estimator, Mike Cisar. Why didn’t they send Mike out to begin with instead of wasting our time? I phoned Mike, and he agreed to come out two days later. This guy knows everything there is to know about yard drains, and two minutes after you meet him you feel like you’ve known him forever. What a great guy! That was over three weeks ago, and we’re still waiting for the estimate. In the meantime, we called a company that emailed the estimate an hour after the walk-around and have since installed our exterior pipes and those of our neighbor. In the course of soliciting bids for the yard drain project, we found ourselves a new plumbing company. They have already done excellent work for us. While they were here, I asked them to ballpark the cost of replacing two lavatory faucets, and it was about half of what Meutzel Plumbing charged us to do that job.

Patti Jordan

Monday, Aug. 7, 2017

Brilliant plumbers; knowledgable, helpful, efficient, affordable. They have saved me time and money. Great service. David can repair it so you don't have to replace it! He's a magician of a plumber.

Nikki Smith

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

Maybe not the cheapest but They were in time, clean and professional. Even showed me things I could just do myself way cheaper down the road.

Vanessa Lamb

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

The people that work there are nice however I had to have someone from Muetzel come out to fix my boiler 2x and it still didn't work. I then had another company who came and found the actual problem but told me I had to replace my whole boiler because the manufacturer didn't make the parts anymore. They referred me to Muetzel for a new boiler. I finally had someone that works at my location look at it and he fixed it so now it works. Although Muetzel did give me a small discount they are still asking for payment of a service that didn't fix my problem. Very dissatisfied.

Catherine Kirk

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Needed a pipe repaired in home I just moved in to that was corroded and starting to leak (albeit very slowly). Called and was told it would be as an "emergency call" later in the afternoon which was fine. Great communication throughout the day as they called back and offered to come in the early afternoon as they were running ahead and it would not be an emergency call. Couldn't get out of work early so I kept the later time. Got a call when the guy was headed to my house. He was super polite, explained everything, did a great job, cleaned up, etc. Also answered a few questions not related to the pipe that will ultimately save me money as it gave me the direction to go in order to get my hot water heater working correctly. May have taken him literally 60 seconds, but will save me time and money. And my dog liked him, so that pretty much seals the deal with me! I also appreciate their responses to the few negative reviews. Shows real credibility and responsibility. Well done. Will definitely be using these folks for all my plumbing (and heating and cooling) needs.

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