Hyland Auto Sales
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1517 S A St, Springfield, OR 97477-5245, USA
(541) 736-1111


Susan Langley

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

Hyland Motors is not the place to buy your car all they do it seems like is go to a wrecking yard find a car with a straight body put a sticker on it and tell you they have a mechanic on staff they charge you 30% interest and then charge you to fix the vehicle they do not do a safety inspection I purchased a vehicle that was unsafe and was driving around elderly people to doctors appointments and grocery shopping and if anything would have happened as an injury or death I would have been responsible the first five months I had that thing there was a bad noise finally a reputable shop told me I purchased an unsafe vehicle Highland Motors does not do a safety inspection because if they did I would not have had to purchase motor mounts and then David Highland wanted to get nasty with me about it when I wrecked my car no airbags went off and now he's taking me to collections for $600 when I know I've already paid for that car about 4 times please get ahold of your state representative for safety inspection laws and then this Joker would have to make sure that those Vehicles were safe before he sold them to anyone protect yourself

Sascha Craycroft

Sunday, April 30, 2017

One star is being generous. Got a truck from them that started falling apart right from the get go. After a year of paying on it I made them an offer to lower the payoff amount and wipe the rest clean if they received $2500 cash in one shot ( way more than it was worth). They agreed. So I traded the truck in, they received the $2500 from the dealership and now they're not living up their word and our trying to collect more money and falsely reporting on my credit. Have sent two letters so far about it and haven't received any response. Word of advice, find a different place to buy your next vehicle. There are plenty of others around the area

Krystle Trammell

Monday, June 27, 2016

This place is the biggest joke ever! Was lied to when we went down to sign the papers that if there was a problem with the car bring it back and they would work on it within warranty. They are great at fixing a car to get it sold. With in 2 weeks we had to take the car back twice. We have had to take the car multiple times to another shop to get it fixed for transmission issues as well as the car not using the appropriate amount of gas and a few other things. With all the money we have put in the car already it would have been paid off. We were originally told after we made $2000 worth of payments we would be eligible to upgrade cars, this was also confirmed after the second time we took the vehicle down to have it fixed. I called about a week ago to let them know again that the car was acting up and to see how close we were to upgrading was told we had to be under $2000 owing. I advised Patty that we were not told that and her response was that NO ONE would say that there. Well we were told that and even the girl that transferred me to Patty had confirmed. So yet again another hassle. Today I called because I am fed up with all the issues we have been having and requested to speak to a manager. The call was transferred to Dave Hyland and his response after explaining the situation was that it is a used car it is going to require maintenance and lectured me on the responsibility of owning a car. I advised him that I have never put into a car that is used the amount of money I have had to put into this car and I have had much older cars. He then said I can schedule an appointment to have the car looked at, so spend even more money when I advised him I will be contacting an attorney. I should not have to put more money into a car that was purchased in September. Seems really unreasonable to spend $7000 from then until now to keep a car running. I was brought up to work on cars and keep them maintained I don't need lectured. The car has been kept up but I am tired of pouring money into a lemon. Go elsewhere you will keep pouring money into a car if you buy it from here and they will lie to you as well.

kaizen era

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016

They are friendly curtious and efficient. Their employees are friendly and do a fine job they are willing to help you get into a vehicle even if you have bad or no credit. Thank you highland auto sales and a special thanks to your employees.

Cary Harrison

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The staff here helped my sister then myself. Friendly, reasonable and really there to help.,.......,,........update. Due to recent circumstances I had to return my vehicle. Facing a few hardships in my life I have never been treated with the dignity and respect this company did. Only place I will recommend to others and only place I will be returning too when back on my feet. Best staff ever and worth visiting. I'm over an hour away and I wish locally we had them here.

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