FastMed Urgent Care
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104 Bass Lake Rd, Ste B2, Holly Springs, NC 27540-7620, USA
(919) 346-1482



Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017

Don’t waste your time checking in online. It does do any good. I checked in and it told me to arrive at a certain time and when I did I was told it was a 2 hr wait and checking in doesn’t put me ahead of anyone. Don’t waste your time here there are better options around.


Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

I won’t be returning here. I was seen by Hannah, who while examining me never mentioned how nose, ears looked or addressed my concerns. She just kept repeating “the lymphatic zones...” when I was asking questions. It felt like she was reading off a dr sheet and not listening to my symptoms. Are there any drs that work here? They should hire people that actually seem interested in what they are supposed to be there for.

Dolly Helbert

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

I had fallen on a deck and had 12-14 splinters embedded in my hand. I could not get them out the normal way so I went to FastMed Urgent care. Jess was the NP that day and she was awesome. It took a lot of time, but she stuck with it. After multiple shots to numb my hand she was able to get all of the splinters out. I was surprised that they had the capability to take care of this issue and it save a ton over going to the emergency room!

Roger Harris

Monday, July 31, 2017

I made an online appointment with FastMed at 11:55 Sunday morning. I arrived at 11:45. I completed the paperwork and waited. And waited. And waited. A teenager came in with a cut finger and was seen as soon as his mother turned up, presumably as he was now able to pay the bill. Another woman had been waiting before me. I heard her complain that she'd been waiting an hour and a half. At 12 30, I was still waiting. I asked the receptionist how much longer I'd have to wait. She said she didn't know. The teen needed a "procedure" was all she could tell me. So I left. I then called my PCP on Monday morning, made an appointment for 11:15 and was in the examination room by 11:35. Bottom line is unless you are bleeding out or are willing to wait potentially for several hours, don't use FastMed. If you can wait a day or two, go to your PCP who has your health records. To be fair, I had a similar experience on another occasion at Rex Urgent Care on Cary Parkway. It is just the way these places work it seems. But if you think about it, it's a poor business model that has customers walk through the door, but has too few employees to serve them so that they're waiting too long and then bail.

Scott Nadeau

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017

Checked in online at 2 and was told I would be seen at 4:05. I walked in at 4 and was at the top of the waiting list display. After waiting an hour, I walked out without being seen. I essentially feel like I waited 3 hours after rescheduling my afternoon.

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