Oroville Hospital Farmers' Market

2450 Oro Dam Boulevard

Market Hours:

May 10 2017 - September, 2017
Wednesday, 10AM - 2PM

Location: Dove's Landing Parking Lot


Crystal Artinger

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

If I could give zero stars I would! My husband was in a head on collision and wasn't seen for 10 hours he could've died on the floor and they wouldn't have noticed! I called to ask about him and why he hadn't received care and they hung up on me! Might as well die on the way to a better hospital than risk going there or Rideout. Edited to add that it was the ER staff that hung up on me and lied to me saying they'd had a bunch of ambulances all show up at once. There was a family member there and none had shown up for hours. Also big thank you to Amanda the lady who transferred me to the ER she was very helpful and sweet and she tried very hard to get me some answers she's possibly the only person WORKING there.

Tiamia c

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018

Wost wait ive ever had in the ER !!!! It took 8 hour's to be put in a room. Then a few more to be seen. Great people that work there. But horrible wait. Very displeased

Julie Frerichs

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018

They took good care of Stepfather, everytime I took him.

Maria Vazquez

Monday, May 1, 2017

I recently took my child to the hospital’s walk-in clinic for an immediate medical need. The service was fast and friendly, and the provider, Sane Thai, was thorough and met all of our needs. He went out of his way to provide great care and gave us the necessary referral needed for follow-up medical care.

Jonathan Laws

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Why is it this hospital would rather cater to the homeless drug addicts of Oroville treat them as if they aren't coming there to take advantage of medi-cal and the free drugs, rather than a true in need 2 day post operative patient who had nowhere to go for safe giving care, due to extenuating circumstances had felt house was unsafe and filing for divorce, I wasnt violent, maybe disruptive when I was told "it was just anxiety and to return to the unsafe environment that I had just been removed from and I would feel better tomorrow"then on top of it all throw you out with police escort when you can barely walk, no wheelchair or assisted walking, then says I didn't sign anything so there is no discharge papers to the officer . Immediately called that a lie and stated I signed and already have copies of where I signed the consent to treat . Magically a discharge paper arrived . This was by far the worst medical treatment I have ever received and I will be damned if I am ever in that hospital again if I can help it, dieing or not if conscious I prefer Feather River in Paradise or Sutter Roseville medical in Roseville .this all happened 8/24/17 from 1pm to almost 6 pm I spent on a gurney in the hallway hooked a machine that the nurse from Georgia kept telling me was broken when alarm kept going off and it was saying I wasn't breathing . The rating wouldn't let me put Negative 1000 Stars.......... I would rather suffer an 8 hour ride in a box with my back pain than to ever step foot in that, I don't even want to call it, hospital I cannot stress enough do not go here if you can help it well unless you already do drugs and are homeless. Cause if you don't die waiting you sure will from the care . I didn't know it but they even screwed up before my surgery on my social when I went in for Pre-op Labs and X-ray that experience wasn't so bad but didn't find this out till I was going thru the 5150 check that I didn't need . Instead of helping me get cleared to fly so I could get to family or in touch with surgeon or even any other type of help after telling me it was anxiety they never once gave me anything to help just called the OPD who once outside was more compassionate even with me being angry and stupid high on meds from surgery and made me think before doing something stupid like punching him just so I could get some type of care. I'm sorry to anyone who doesn't heed this warning . Don't say you haven't been fully informed. Update: went to my doctor and was informed that this really is the worst Hospital in Butte County. My lawyer doesn't handle this case and has handed all info over . Lawsuit pending Thank You Oroville Hospital for giving me the opportunity to settle out of court........

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